Scottish Wild Land Group

The Scottish Wild Land Group (SWLG) is a wild land charity which is run wholly by volunteers. SWLG was established in 1982 to protect and conserve wild land in Scotland, and has campaigned on a wide range of issues.

We regularly produce our magazine Wild Land News, which is free to members.

Please join us today and help to give Scotland’s wild places a voice.

Objectives of the group:

  • To promote the conservation of wild land in Scotland
  • To promote public awareness of the problems facing wild land in Scotland
  • To promote and encourage the implementation of good planning policies
  • To co-operate with other bodies to promote the foregoing objectives

Wild Land in Scotland

Wild land areas in Scotland are dominated by natural vegetation, a lack of human intrusion from built structures and the rugged and remote nature of the terrain.

In 2014 SNH (now NatureScot) undertook to map wild land in Scotland. Their map can be found here.

atlantic oak woodland

Atlantic oak woodland near Loch Linhe, Diego Cue

Latest News

100th Issue of Wild Land News

The 100th issue of Wild Land News is now available - and this year is also the 40th Anniversary year of the Group. You can find the issue here.

Scotland 2045: National Planning Framework draft consultation

The consultation concludes at the end of this month and will determine the future of wild land in the planning system.

Advice on how you can respond can be found here. Your response can be quite simple but the numbers responding will have an influence on the outcome.

SWLG response can be found here.

Scotland's Wild Land is Under Threat

See a recent article in the online magazines UKHillwalking and UKClimbing which explains the threat to wild land and what you can do to promote its stronger protection. Read the article here.